Ladies and Gentleman, The Amazing Leadership Magician!

It’s a common mistake, for employees, to assume that a person in a management position is a Leader. A not so common mistake is for the manager to assume that he is a Leader just for being on top of the reporting structure. Most managers I know are conscious of their skills, and if they know they aren’t specially gifted to lead, they leave it to other staff members or they hire the right people for that particular job.
But unfortunately, not all managers grasp the importance of leadership in the workplace and therefore some decide to play the occasional leader. It’s like a moment of inspiration, and before anyone can stop them… BAM!!! Ladies and Gentleman, brace yourselves, it’s The Amazing Leadership Magician!

From that moment on all you see is an illusion! They’ll say they’re leading, but you won’t see it. They’ll trick you into believing that they care, when in fact they don’t. They’ll promise you an auspicious future, but they’ll make it disappear. They’ll listen to your complaints and suggestions, not to see them through but to build their illusion on them.
And then, in a heartbeat, it’s over! The magic disappears. They get bored, they forget why they even tried, and they realize that they don’t have the time to build on that so-called “Leadership”. And why would they? After all they’re the Managers, they can boss everybody around! Why would they have the need to create culture, or develop the employees? Why? When employees well know that they better do as the Manager say, or else… And the realization of this power is enough to boost their egos, and so… the magician is subdued.
The apparition of the Leadership Magician is not without consequence. Soon after de disappearance, the employees see through the illusions, and the realization of that is disappointing and hurtful in many circumstances. Most of the times employee motivation and productivity is compromised.
And then it’s up to the real leaders, within the ranks, to (re)start their work from scratch. They have to once again build employee morale, to get them involved and to implement culture in the workplace. And they have to do it fast, because if the Manager senses that morale is low with the employees they’ll be the ones suffering the consequences…

And without even realizing it, this Magicians are standing in the way of growing their employees as well as their company, as they are constantly throwing them back to the starting point, limiting their evolution.

But you never know when they’ll feel inspired again and compelled to solve those issues, and then it’s… Ladies and Gentleman, The Leadership Magician is back!…