Being an Engaging Leader


To lead your colleagues successfully you need to build people’s enthusiasm about their tasks and targets. Become an engaging leader by following these top tips for your team:

  • Engage people to find meaning in their work: help them to understand that their work is important and worthwhile.
  • Have and show a genuine interest in each person: find out each individual’s aspirations, needs, interests, talents, concerns, and so on.
  • Appreciate that people want to contribute; engage people fully in their work to enable them to use their talents and have a sense of fulfilment.
  • Speak your mind: say what you think while always acting with good intentions.
  • Give people your total attention: listen intently and ask searching questions to improve mutual understanding in conversations about work.
  • Build commitment to achieve objectives through engaging people to take ownership of their work.
  • Strengthen your connections and relationships with everyone who works for and with you.
  • Avoid meaningless language and be aware of making assumptions about the meaning of the language others are using.
  • Ensure absolute clarity about agreed actions and deadlines for completing them.
  • Encourage and reinforce shared accountability for success.
Part of the Leadership For Dummies Cheat Sheet
By John Marrin  

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